About Us

After three decades working in some of the biggest and best management consulting firms, I’ve launched my consultancy, Two Rivers Partners. Clients value access to talent with deep expertise and I enjoy helping clients solve complex people problems. As I advanced in my career and moved into management too much distance came between me and my clients.

Two Rivers Partners was conceived on a walk along the southern tip of Manhattan where I often marvel at the power and impact of the New York Harbor which sits at the confluence of the Hudson and East Rivers. The harbor is home to some of the world’s greatest symbols of performance and resilience, from Lady Liberty to the World Trade Center. I’ve spent my career working at the confluence of business and people to drive performance, and as I watched the rivers flow into one another, I decided that these two rivers, the mighty and strong Hudson and the unpredictable East River were apt symbols for my work.

I believe the confluence of business and people is what drives superior performance. It’s not enough to have the best brand, product, processes or technology. To succeed businesses also need the best and most engaged talent, in the right places at the right time. My professional mission is to help organizations be places where people can learn, grow and be fulfilled. I’ve lived this mission my entire career and if you work with me this is the passion you’ll experience.

How can I help you deliver performance?

  • Design an optimal organization structure to build capabilities at the right cost
  • End to end talent solutions to attract, retain and engage the people you need
  • An HR function that is strategically and operationally aligned with the business
  • Transformation outcomes through creative and collaborative change management solutions

Organization Design

Do you have the capabilities you need to execute your strategy? Capabilities are the linchpin of strategy execution and the right organization design delivers those capabilities. I have been involved my entire career collaboratively designing organizational structures including new operating models, enterprise organization designs, line of business or function redesign, or setting up new teams. I understand the art and science of good organization design


It’s all about the people and the right talent practices in place to attract, retain and engage them in your company’s vision and strategy. This requires a two-pronged strategy. First, make sure your end-to-end talent program delivers the right talent, to the right place at the right time. Second, build an HR function that delivers maximum value to the business. I have years of experience in designing programs across the talent lifecycle and transforming Human Resources.

Change Management

I’ve been a change management consultant for thirty years and have written many methodologies, training programs and strategies. Even to this day, it’s a poorly understood craft. Simply put, change management is the effort needed to create a compelling vision and business case, ensure leaders lead, communicate to, and train people, align HR programs and measure progress. I help businesses navigate this process and tackle obstacles to change. I always like to leave my clients better able to manage change once I’m gone.

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