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Superior Organizational Performance Starts with Your Board and C-Suite

Developing a high-quality workforce starts at the top. From the Board of Directors to the C-Suite, it’s critical that your organization have a plan for evaluating and developing top leaders. Two Rivers Partners can help you assess board performance and the need for C-Suite development.

Board Effectiveness Assessment

As organizations mature, grow, or face strategy or business model disruption, assessing the board’s fit and readiness to take on a broader set of governance challenges is vital. Our board effectiveness team brings decades of experience as board directors and advisors to help our clients understand any governance or cultural fault lines and align governance frameworks with changing financial, regulatory, competitive, and risk landscapes.

Executive Coaching and Development

CEO tenure continues to drop. We help new and existing CEOs and C-suite executives quickly ramp up in new or changing roles to strengthen performance and create stability in the eyes of the board and shareholders. We help hone leadership skills, decision-making capabilities, and strategic thinking through executive coaching, development programs, and advisory services. Our executive coaches are certified in various assessment methods and bring deep industry expertise.

C-Suite Transformation Leadership Development

We work with the C-suite and leadership teams to build collective strength to mobilize the workforce around change and transformation. We use a variety of assessment methodologies to provide data-rich feedback on the team’s strengths and weaknesses and craft a multi-month team coaching experience that includes one-on-one support, real-time team coaching, and access to luminaries and experts to address specific gap areas.

Change management is a particular focus for organizational leadership. Find out more about our Change Management services.

Consulting for Boards and C-Suite Development

Your Board of Directors and leadership team have an enormous impact on your organization’s ability to adapt and grow. With offices based in New York City and leaders across the globe, Two Rivers Partners provides expert executive coaching and leadership development programs anywhere in the world.

Take the First Steps to Stronger Leadership

Assessing and developing your Board of Directors and executive leadership team is one of the most important actions your organization can take to ensure long-term success. Contact Two Rivers Partners to find out more about how we can help.
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